Career and Technical Education (CTE) is critical to filling the number of openings in today’s growing economy. A CTE experience prepares students for opportunities in all the various career pathways. On March,  2019, the DMA and CAAT will host a conference  at Macomb Community College  entitled  "Electrification the Future?" .

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Spring Conference -
May 10, 2019

Will be held at Macomb Community College

Spring Conference

May 10, 2019
at Macomb  Community College

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To encourage and foster communication, networking, and partnerships among design and manufacturing industry companies, their professional associations, government, and all educators across Southeast Michigan.

The DMA supports educational networking with design and manufacturing organizations, their professional associations, and government offices to ensure accurate career information is available to educators and students. Additionally, that academic programs and curricula are developed that are appropriate to the skills required for the jobs that do (and will) exist in these industries in the future.

The DMA encourages and arranges design and manufacturing opportunities, e.g. tours, internships, co-ops and job shadowing for educators and students.

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